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Frequently Asked Questions - About Being a Webcam Model

Who pays me?
Enticelive processes all of your payments.

What methods of payment does Enticelive offer?
Enticelive offers payments via direct deposit (daily, weekly or twice a month) and check (weekly or twice a month).

If I choose to be paid by check, what company name is listed?
Nothing Ventures Inc.

When are daily direct deposit payments processed?
Daily direct deposit payments are processed every day by 2pm Pacific for the previous period sales. For example Monday’s daily deposit would include earnings generated Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday’s daily deposit would be for earnings generated on Monday.

When are weekly direct deposit payments processed?
Weekly direct deposit payments are processed every Monday by 2pm Pacific for the previous week’s (Monday - Sunday) earnings.

When are check payments processed?
Weekly check payments are processed every Monday for the previous week's (Monday - Sunday) earnings. 

How long does it take to receive my payment?
Depending on your bank most direct deposit payments are deposited into your bank the following business day morning. For example a deposit sent on Monday will be in your bank account by Tuesday morning. Checks are sent out of Las Vegas and can take up to 5 days to be delivered depending on your location.

Is there any payment hold?
No. For example, if you choose to receive daily pay via direct deposit, Monday’s earnings will be processed and sent the next day (Tuesday).

Will I ever receive a charge back deduction?
No, If a guest ever performs a charge back with their credit card company you will still be paid like clock work. You've done your job and performed for the guest. If you have a high number of guest initiated charge backs we will work with you on an individual basis to correct the problem.

Is there a minimum payment amount?
The minimum payment amount for direct deposit is $25. The minimum payment amount for check is $50. If you do not reach the minimum payment amount your earnings will be rolled over to the next pay period for payment.

What do I need to do to receive payment?
Once you have completed your registration you can update your payment information within your Enticelive account. This includes your full name, address, social security number, preferred payment method and banking information (if you selected direct deposit).

It is very important to update this information immediately to insure you do not have any delay in payments. It takes 7 business days to set up your direct deposit information with our bank (Wells Fargo).

I have set my preferred payment method to direct deposit but want to be paid before the initial 7 business day set up period. What can I do?
Enticelive is happy to process your initial payment as a check during this period and then switch back to direct deposit once it has been set up with our bank. Just let your personal model representative know and she will take care of it for you.

Can I change my payment method in the future?
Yes, you can change your payment method at anytime.

Do I have to pay taxes?
Yes, however models are Independent Contractors. You will not receive a W-2, instead you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes. You are responsible for paying any taxes owed. If you have additional questions regarding taxes we’re happy to help.

When are the end of pay period payments processed?

We also process payments (direct deposit and check) the first business day after a pay period ends. Our pay periods run the 1st - 15th and the 16th - end of the month. 
What is a webcam model?

Webcam models offer live adult entertainment via webcam. When you
become a Host, people enter your virtual chat room to see you and talk to
you live via the easy-to-use ImLive video chat service. You can make tons of
extra cash from the comfort of your own home AND have the freedom to
work as many or as few hours as you prefer. If you have an expertise or
talent that you'd like to share and make money from, then video chat hosting
is for you! All you need is a webcam, an internet connection and a computer
and you're set!

How can I become a webcam model?

Anyone can be a video chat Host! Start by filling in a quick registration form.
You'll then need to complete some simple steps that include supplying us
with photo identification for age verification (not necessary for all Host
categories), and details of how you'd like to be paid. Once you're done,
you'll be ready to start video chatting! 

What will I be paid for?

You get paid every time an member begins a paid chat with you. Just
interact with your guests and watch the money roll in! You will also get paid for viewings of your
recorded videos (optional), or when members join your
Discount Club. These extras will keep the money flowing into your account
even when you're not online! 

What will I earn?

The amount of your commission depends on you - you control your
earnings! As an ImLive video chat Host you can receive between 30% -
100% of what your Guests pay. For every ImLive Credit you earn you are
paid $1 USD and prices per minute range from 0.98 to 5.80 - depending on
your category, what you decide to charge, your seniority, and the rating you
are given by your Guests. In addition, Cash Camz, ImLive and Enticelive offer continuous benefits and
competitions where you can win cash prizes, luxury gifts, and more! 

Do I need any special skills?

You don't need any special technical skills at all. Video chat hosting at
ImLive is self-explanatory, easy, and intuitive. And if you have any
questions, our friendly customer service staff is always available to help you.

Do I need to pay anything?

Of course not! Being a webcam model at ImLive is entirely FREE - you don't need to
pay for a thing. Just register and start earning right away!
Frequently Asked Questions - Payments
How does it work?

1.  Create your new account with Enticelive.
2.  We'll approve your new account and send you a welcome email.
3.  You're now ready to complete your registration. This includes creating your profile, uploading pictures and providing you're preferred payment information.
4.  We create your new ImLive host account so you can perform on their network. You'll receive an email from us letting you know when you're good to go. This usually only takes a couple of hours.
5.  You log in to your Enticelive account, access your new ImLive account and start performing for guests
6.  We help you maximize your earnings and pay you via your preferred method and frequency.